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Teresa speaks on a range of topics associated with influence and becoming an authority in your field. From how to create Wildfire Word of Mouth epidemics to how to become an authority in your field, or even a bestselling author. Teresa’s fun engaging talks show your audience a simple principle – you have to give influence to get influence.

Teresa teaches how to build relationship with and gain endorsement from the highly influential and even become influential yourself by understanding the top habits and rules that the highly influential play by and the common mistakes to avoid when connecting with them.

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Teresa is an experienced media guest who has been interviewed on television, radio and print around the globe. Teresa has a straight-forward conversation about the habits required to become influential and the common mistakes people make along the way. Teresa brings a loving, upbeat approach to telling it like it is so people can see the bold truth about where their limitations are.

Teresa is sometimes controversial, but never boring. She has a well crafted message that she has honed as a professional speaker, presenting to more than a quarter million people in several countries.

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Teresa’s blog is all about the key elements of Influence and Success. The fun fresh look at common mistakes to avoid and top habits to cultivate holds your hand on a journey to becoming the influential leader you were put here to be.

Teresa de Grosbois is a relationship marketing expert who teaches small business owners, writers and professionals how to generate a following. Specializing in word of mouth and influence, Teresa has taken three books to best seller status in only 8 months using only word of mouth marketing techniques.

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