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Post-it pranks and Project: Forgive!

Arthur Fry, one of the inventors of Post-it Notes In the 1980's when Post-it Notes were invented, amongst their many uses, they were rapidly adopted by pranksters. You'd be riding the elevator in the morning to see colleagues with bright yellow messages on their back.  Anything from "Don't talk to me! Need coffee!" to "Go ahead. Ask me if I'm pregnant." The [...]

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How to use CreateSpace and Ingram Spark together – by Karen Myers

I ran across this article by Karen Myers that is one of the best overviews of the two systems I've seen. The only thing Missing I'd add is for those of you thinking about taking a run at #1 International Bestselling Author Status.  Ingram is clearly the stronger choice for international distribution, with significantly lower prices and distribution globally.  They can [...]

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Taking life too seriously is it’s own form of hell.

  Attack thoughts. Everyone has them. Those things you tell yourself in your moments of self doubt. I have them as much as the next person. When I'm putting myself out there in a bigger way, speaking on a bigger stage, taking on a bigger game, suddenly my attack thoughts are there. Warning me of the impending disaster. It's all very [...]

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The standing ovation of one – becoming the most influential person in the room

  Have you ever been the one to start a standing ovation? There's that terrifying moment when you wonder if anyone else will stand. You could be the only one standing. You could be the lone hold out and be proven to be "wrong" by the rest of the crowd. Yet it's that courage that creates influence. Consider the power [...]

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How to stop needing money

  How to stop needing money by Chris Cade  A while back on Facebook, I posted the following quote from my friend Rikka Zimmerman:"You will have all the money you could ever spend when you stop needing it."While there were several replies, the one which caught my attention most directly was this one from Vicki: "This is my greatest challenge right [...]

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Overwhelm and the clear choice

  In the last three days, four people have asked me for coaching on overwhelm. I said no to two of them. Because I'm clear that free coaching is not a part of my business model. And when I get sucked into free coaching, I get sucked into overwhelm. Overwhelm is born of fear. You fear choosing the wrong path. [...]

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Je suis Charlie… I am sad

  Je suis Charlie - I am Charlie.  The rallying cry is reverberating around the world of supporters of free speech and freedom of expression after the 7 January massacre in which 12 people were killed at the offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France. The tragedy at Charlie Hebdo has provoked international debate over freedom of speech, forgiveness and the [...]

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Sony Hack Attack – What’s a business leader to do in a moral crisis?

You can bet there are some c-suite executives at Sony this week with sweaty palms. The decision was taken this morning to cancel the Christmas release of "The Interview" which depicts the assassination of Korean President Kim Jong-un.  The events are the outcome of a major hacker attack on Sony, and now, terrorist threats against moviegoers who plan to attend [...]

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