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Let’s talk turkey

OK, let’s talk turkey. It’s that joyous time of year again when we have to remind ourselves the true spirit of the season.  You already know, it is not found in rushing around to events or running up our credit card bills. It is found in the small moments of connecting with those we love in some special way. The [...]

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Looking for Miracles in 2015

Hi Everyone, Do you believe that miracles really happen? Would you like to put the possibility to the test? First decide how you would like your miracle to show-up.... - Have you experienced some success and happiness, but there's still an emptiness that you long to fill? - Do you feel tired and overwhelmed and don't know how to get your life "in the flow" [...]

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  I wanted to share this post by Jonathan Bender as it really spoke to me (reposted with his permission)...   ...I was planning on sending out a different newsletter this morning - one on how to talk to your ideal clients. I will send this... but right now there is only one thing on my mind. So I wrote [...]

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Perfectly imperfect

I was about 8 years old when I first looked at a photo book of masterpieces with my Uncle Rolly. He was an accomplished painter. "Look at the orange and purple here," Rolly smiles as he points to a couple of odd splotches in the painting. "Are they mistakes?" I ask.  "Those are weird places to put those colors." He [...]

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Turning Your Message into a Mission or Movement

How do you turn your message into a global movement? That was the conversation in the Brain Booster section of a recent Evolutionary Business Council (EBC) collaborative call with: Kevin Gangel, Judy van Niekerk, Tim Emerson  and Charmaine Hammond.  Here are some of the strategies that came up during the call. The message must be clear, consistent and easy for others to [...]

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Pushing the rope in the middle

Jeremy Gilley and Jude Law   Watch the documentary Peace One Day. It’s a documentary about Jeremy Gilley’s journey to create Peace Day – a day of global cease fire. At first, Gilley does not believe he will succeed.  His goal is simply to build a compelling story of how apathetic the world has become. He starts with [...]

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Celebrate what’s right with the world

Dewitt Jones spent 20 years as a photographer for National Geographic. To him the difference between a great shot and an exceptional shot can be measured in millimeters. His many brilliant shots are founded in the vision of National Geographic to celebrate what's right with the world. This exquisit 20 minute video is worth a cup of tea on a [...]

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Building Philanthropy into Your Business

Building Philanthropy into Your Business By Charmaine Hammond   Supporting local groups, charities, missions and causes is a an important aspect of many businesses. There are many ways that businesses can support philanthropic efforts from donating money and time, to donating products, being an ambassador for an organization’s message, to holding fundraising events and the list goes on. When considering the different ways [...]

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