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The standing ovation of one – becoming the most influential person in the room

Have you ever been the one to start a standing ovation? There’s that terrifying moment when you wonder if anyone else will stand. You could be the only one standing. You could be the lone hold out and be proven to be “wrong” by the rest of the crowd. Yet it’s that courage that creates influence. Consider the power of [...]

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How to stop needing money

How to stop needing money by Chris Cade  A while back on Facebook, I posted the following quote from my friend Rikka Zimmerman:“You will have all the money you could ever spend when you stop needing it.”While there were several replies, the one which caught my attention most directly was this one from Vicki: “This is my greatest challenge right now. [...]

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How to find 3 more hours in your day

I know your life. I used to live it. You go to bed dog tired. Your alarm rings in the wee hours of the morning like a jolt of electricity. You force yourself out of bed and stare lifelessly at yourself in the mirror; convincing yourself to get motivated for another day. You  down a cup of stiff coffee to [...]

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Overwhelm and the clear choice

I said no to two of them. Because I’m clear that free coaching is not a part of my business model. And when I get sucked into free coaching, I get sucked into overwhelm. Overwhelm is born of fear. You fear choosing the wrong path. You fear the consequence if you don’t do something. You fear someone will dislike you [...]

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