Have you ever been the one to start a standing ovation?

There’s that terrifying moment when you wonder if anyone else will stand. You could be the only one standing. You could be the lone hold out and be proven to be “wrong” by the rest of the crowd.

Yet it’s that courage that creates influence.

Consider the power of the first raving fan. Until a leader has their first fan, they’re just some nut expounding from the soap box. It is, in fact, the first raving fan who confers the right of someone to lead. They are the first follower.

I often talk about the notion that you have to give influence to get influence. There is nothing so potent as giving influence to the emerging leader. To courageously hold the possibility that others will follow them too. To be the first one standing in the possibility of a standing ovation.

Today’s tip?

Confer influence on the emerging leaders. Become the first raving fan. In this significant act of gifting influence your influence will rapidly grow. For you have just become a creator of leaders.