It is said that the most important gift that Martin Luther King Senior ever gave to his son, was a mentor to teach him how to dream.   All the amazing things that man has ever created have started with someone first dreaming it.  Children naturally dream.  Ask a child to envision something grand and they can stretch their imagination in ways that will inspire and delight.   So where on the path between child and adulthood do some of us loose the ability to dream? How do we stop believing in the possibility of things that don’t yet exist?

As a child, by age six, I had learned of the concept of investment.   My bank account fascinated me every month as pennies were being deposited that I had not earned.   One day, I asked my older brother Marc “Why doesn’t somebody just put a lot of money in a bank account, and the interest it pays could send all the poor children to school?”   My brother used the opportunity to teach me what a scholarship trust was.   “People already do that,” he said.  “But most trusts are set up for students in the richer countries.  It is not so common for poor countries.”  I remember being disappointed at this thought.  My “Why doesn’t somebody just…” had sparked in my heart.  It was the beginning of my dream.   For years it smoldered, without flame, as a criticism of the world.  Then one night, several years ago, my “Why doesn’t somebody just…” sparked into flame.  It had been a challenging year:  in the space of a few months my business had failed, my marriage had fallen apart, my father had died and I had lost my health.  In my resolve to change my life, I had started meditating every night.   One ordinary night it happened.   In the quiet of my mind rose up my “Why doesn’t somebody just…”.  Clarity hit me like a cold splash as I realized  I was the somebody.   I had been waiting, critical of others, for someone else to do the dream in my heart.  So my resolve to be that somebody was born.

The realization of a dream is just a start. You must take action.  It is from the small steps we take every day that the world is shifted.  So live your dreams daily, one small shift at a time.

To align with your dreams this Christmas ask yourself if you have a “Why doesn’t somebody just…”? .   It can be big or small, local or global.   There is no right or wrong to this answer: all of our dreams are different. Therein lies the strength of the world.   Another way to look at this question is to ask “If I could create one miracle to help the world tomorrow, what would it be?”    When clarity comes, commit to doing one small thing every day that moves you toward that dream.