When Madison was four years old, she and her mother were homeless.   As with many people, the challenges she faced early in life forged her spirit into something truly beautiful.   To meet Madison, is to know her spirit.  At the age of fourteen, she founded a national non-profit organization, Rags to Riches, which supports youth and adults who have been impacted by homelessness, domestic violence or extreme poverty.

It was minus 31 the morning Madison brought gift baskets to Inn From the Cold Society and the Drop In Centre, located in downtown Calgary.   It was a typical gesture of Madison to make it a warmer and brighter Christmas for twenty-nine Calgary families.   As an actress, model, dancer and activist, this “fashionista” brings her charisma, talent and drive to bear on everything she does.    She is now joining forces with 13 year-old Sasha, a clothing designer in LA.  Together, they are expanding their brilliance into clothing designs which are manufactured in Africa: supporting the local African people in creating self-sustainability.   When you view some of Madison’s garments you will understand the gift she brings to the world.   (www.madisonlindstrom.com)

To give the gift of your talent this Christmas, ask yourself “if I perform one miracle today, what would it be?”  Sit in silence and see what image comes up for you.   Then ask yourself “how can I bring my talents to create this miracle today?”   Spend a moment sitting silently and letting your thoughts drift away.   Focus only on this miracle and see what image comes up for you of how you can create this with your talent?   Make a commitment and dedicate some time today, to giving out a Christmas miracle.