Christina loves to fly.   When I think of the word passion, I think of her.   Ask her to describe what heaven is like, and she’ll talk about life at 10,000 feet!  Like many pilots struggling to gain the air time required to work as a pilot, she has given up every luxury in her life to pursue her passion.

When a mutual friend, John, founder of Books and Bikes for Africa came back from Kenya this fall, he was changed by what he had seen.   A care worker in Nairobi emailed him a few days later with a desperate plea.  One of the women’s centers was without food until the New Year.  They had micro-loans and a training program lined up for the women that would start in the New Year.  But the reality was that half the women would likely die of starvation before the aid arrived.   John put out a plea to those of us in Humanity Unites Brilliance an organization to which we all belong.   Christina was the first to speak up.   She offered an hour in the air for anyone who would make a contribution to John.   The ball was rolling and within a few days, others had made similar offers to raise over $1,800 for the women and children of Nairobi.

What are you doing when your life is just perfect?  It’s a powerful question.   The first time I was asked this question was by Janet Bray Attwood, author of The Passion Test (also by Chris Attwood).   It’s a question worth reflecting on this time of year.  Because the things we love are the things with which we should align our lives.   When we use our passions to give to others, we get back as much as we give – we are doing something that brings us joy while giving to help another.

To align with your passions this Christmas, think about what you’re doing when you’re happiest, or better yet, pick up a copy of The Passion Test and do the full test.   Then reflect on what gifts you could give of your passion.