The feelings of shame as a child are still written in my memory; though I can look at them now with a fond smile.   I was always told to tone down my energy; to be careful not to over-whelm others.   After many years of trying to tone things down, I started on the road to becoming an inspirational speaker.   The feedback was consistent.    “Teresa you need to ramp it up!   Be ten times bigger than you think you need to be!”   My inner child had a small temper tantrum at the feedback.  “You mean, just be myself…” the inner child thought back sarcastically.   My adult self smiled at the thought, feeling the relief of knowing I could now be myself.  I ramped up my energy to the level I had been so comfortable with as a child.   “Bigger still” my coaches said.  “Smile bigger, move bigger, be bigger!   Let your passion shine forth!   Let your love for a new world erupt with every word!”   I began to realize how it was that my heroes so inspired the world.   Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Deepak Chopra, Michael Bernard Beckwith – when they spoke, they did not speak to the room:   they spoke to the world!   They took every ounce of moral and spiritual power at their disposal and fed it back to the world for all to feel and know as truth.

The most important gift you can give to the world is to simply be all that you are!   Shed anything about you that is tentative and be everything you were ever born to be!   Here’s a final exercise for you to try.  Sit quietly for a few moments, taking deep inhalations and deep exhalations. Clear your mind of all busy thoughts.  Then ask yourself one question.  “How do I become the kind of person I most admire?”  Don’t analyze or over-think.   Just sit quietly and see what images arise for you.  Slowly come back to awareness and spend 2 minutes writing in a journal the answer to this question.  Write whatever comes, without judgment or analysis.  Then over the next few days, notice if your life has shifted at all.    To strengthen this exercise, continue it for a number of days, until you feel you no longer need it.

Wishing you a year filled with light, truth and passion!