10 Things to Do to Become a Trusted Expert and Thought Leader

By Lisa Elia 1. Educate yourself. Even if you hold an advanced degree in your field, there is always more to learn in your own field and in other arenas that will help you become more creative and resourceful. This will automatically spill into your communications. 2. Get the facts. Add facts and figures to some of your articles to [...]

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Could you handle a Flood?

Cidnee Stephen was my special guest this morning on The Wildfire Way! on the subject of How to Get a Flood of New Business without Spending a Dime. One great question she asked – could you do one referral for someone else everyday? Can you imagine the kind of positive energy that would create around you if you helped 300 [...]

The Cycle of Reciprocity – How relationship capital can turn into computers for African Schools

My friend and colleague Shawne Duperon (www.ShawneTV.com) teaches “the cycle of reciprocity” – How making investments in others creates energy flow back to you.  Shawne is at the heart of my own cycle of reciprocity here this morning. Several months ago, my kids and I started planning a holiday to Africa.  I remember expressing a wish that it will become [...]

Why flashy is trashy – The new rules of marketing

Has your BS meter started going off more frequently?  Have you noticed that most of the new top movies are about telling it as it is, with no sugar coating?  Reality TV has become the norm in the last several years. There’s no hiding it, in this societal cycle, authenticity is the dominant currency of the day.   Marketing strategies of [...]

If you have a small business, read this now!

So many small businesses miss the mark when it comes to the marketing which is no surprise when you consider their tight budgets. You might want to check out this amazing promotion by Strategies for Success. Cidnee specializes in small businesses and is even helping out those that can't afford marketing at all! Enter this code 2010A7 if you register [...]

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