Turn Your Dreams Into Reality! (by Nancy Drew)

It’s hard to believe – it’s the wrap-up of 2010! I’ve recently finished one of my last goals of the year, climbing the highest summit in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko. I climbed alongside Tom Fabbri, an author and motivational life coach who is completing all Seven Summit climbs – the highest mountains of each of the seven continents. Check out his [...]

Why Sherry cringes at the thought of selling on social media

If you’re like Sherry and you cringe at the thought of selling on social media – read on! Sherry approached me at one of my workshop; a slightly defeated look on her face.   We had just finished a session by Stuart Crawford, one of my favorite social media experts and a colleague I really admire (follow his blog at http://stuartcrawford.com/). [...]

Are you ready to change the world? How big are you willing to play?

What do Greg Mortenson (Three Cups of Tea) and Charles Mulli (Father to the Fatherless) have in common? They both know what it’s like to put everything they own on the line to help make the world a better place and the both have ignited wildfire word of mouth epidemics. About two decades ago, both men had life changing experiences. [...]

What kind of spoons do you have?

It was a clear, hot morning in Moshi, Tanzania when my daughters and I walked through the market.  The warm breeze was blowing the brightly coloured Masai blankets like so many waving flags. Rows upon rows of vendors were showing their wares waiting for the few tourists to walk by and notice.  I couldn’t help but feel a [...]

Words as Weapons! Making your feedback more supportive.

Feedback is an interesting thing.  You've probably been taught to use "I language" when giving feedback.  It's true, the most generous thing you can do in giving feedback is be selfish and make it all about the impact to you. . "I feel frustrated by what you just did" is far more easy for the person you're speaking to to [...]

Dancing your way to influence. How you can lead from behind!

A man starts dancing on a beach.   He dances as though no one is watching.  Some smile.  Some look away embarrassed.  One man joins in. . Have you ever reflected on the importance of that first follower? . "The first follower is what transforms a loan nut into a leader!"  Derek Sivers says. . Derek has a great video [...]

Why the movie “King of Kong” can help you make more profit

If you’re old enough to remember the first generation of video games you’ll know that Donkey Kong was once considered the hardest game on the planet. Most of us never made it past level 3 of the 22 levels. . So when the movie “King of Kong” was recommended to me, it was tempting to take a pass. I may [...]

Using Gratitude and Food to Grow Your Business

It’s  Thanksgiving in the US in a few weeks.  And regardless of whether you’re  reading this in Canada (and wondering why I mention it with  Thanksgiving  long past) or in the US (and visions of turkey stuffing just came into your  head), you should as a business care about this fact. . Thanksgiving  is about gratitude.  So it’s the perfect [...]

Camille has trouble closing sales – are you making this mistake?

A look at your relationship to money and how it affects your ability to close sales. Relationship marketing and word of mouth work when we are open to accepting the offers that come to us. If your thought are are predicting that the prospect can't pay, you're not likely to increase your sales.

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