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Camille has trouble closing sales – are you making this mistake?

A look at your relationship to money and how it affects your ability to close sales. Relationship marketing and word of mouth work when we are open to accepting the offers that come to us. If your thought are are predicting that the prospect can't pay, you're not likely to increase your sales.

Do you know what micro-inequities are stopping you?

Daniel Gutierrez said something powerful to me this week  (actually he said a number of really powerful things, but this one really hit).   He talked about the minor differences between what you are saying and what your thoughts are generating in your emotions.  Bottom line – what’s coming out of your mouth may not be the way others are experiencing [...]

What the movie “King of Kong” can teach you about relationship marketing

If you’re old enough to remember the first generation of video games you’ll know that Donkey Kong was once considered the hardest game on the planet. Most of us never made it past level 3 of the 22 levels. So when the movie “King of Kong” was recommended to me, it was tempting to take a pass. I may have [...]

The Cycle of Reciprocity – How relationship capital can turn into computers for African Schools

My friend and colleague Shawne Duperon ( teaches “the cycle of reciprocity” – How making investments in others creates energy flow back to you.  Shawne is at the heart of my own cycle of reciprocity here this morning. Several months ago, my kids and I started planning a holiday to Africa.  I remember expressing a wish that it will become [...]

Growing The Empowered Child Conference

Excited about HUB's Upcoming conference for teaching enlightened parenting!    Check it out!  Speakers will include my dear friend Janet Bray Attwood (Best selling author of The Passion Test), Brother Ishmael Tetteh (Conscious Humanity) and Susie Walton (Indigo Village) for this spectacular day of discovery, learning and FUN! Proceeds go to Conscious Humanity. Saturday, May 16 2009, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Qualcomm, [...]

Getting out of survival mode

Tough times create worry! If you’re in “survival mode” you focus on yourself and not on your relationships. Relationships are critical, so worry can stop your success. Three tips to get out of survival mode: 1. Routinely notice what’s worrying you. Ask yourself “Am I in survival mode?” 2. Notice what this worry is doing to your relationship. Do others [...]

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