What’s the most powerful flaw you can have?

Influence can be elusive.  What  makes some people sparkle so that people just want to follow their every word; while others can't seem to draw respect no matter what they do? Since working on the movie Project Forgive with my best friend Shawne Duperon, my life has changed.  The daily frustrations still crop up.  I have to forgive myself for [...]

The 5 Advantages of Being A Published Author

By Maribel Jimenez & Keith Leon 1. Credibility – By becoming a published author in an area that you are familiar with, you have now positioned yourself as an expert in your field. You’ve taken the time to provide valuable information on a topic that others’ could benefit from so you will be looked at as a resource. Having credibility [...]

Why Charmaine Hammond will hit #1 on New York Times…

Eight years ago, Charmaine and Chris Hammond bought a dog. They soon discovered that Toby was not just any dog.  Toby was a 200-pound, good-hearted one-dog demolition crew of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Toby was a notable dog.  He could cheer up the most depressed person with his enthusiasm; he could lock himself in the bathroom and break [...]

Big spark catches easy! – How to start a word of mouth pandemic!

Pop quiz What catches wildfire easier? a)    big spark b)    little spark c)    Don’t be silly,  I never play with fire Many people make the mistake of thinking that working on a big problem that’s of great significance to others will be too hard.  So they practice on the little stuff, that’s not particularly important to them or anyone else. [...]

Burgers & Fuel – the role of emotion in word of mouth

(reprinted from http://tdegrosbois.wordpress.com/) When I was a child, growing up in North Bay Ontario we all knew the places that were legendary to get fast food: Roman Villa, that made the best hot banana pepper assorted sub on the planet, Greco's Pizza straight from Italy and of course Paul Weber's, who's burgers were legendary. Every town has a list like this. [...]

The Wind in the Wildfire – why Alex Baisley is about to take off!

There was a slight tremor in his hand as Alex Baisley walked on stage.  I could relate.  Speaking in front of a thousand people would be easier than speaking in front to this room.  It was late in the afternoon on Saturday Jan. 29th and Alex had just been asked to address the Evolutionary Business Council in the [...]

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