By Kerri Lake

I learned compassion from horses. They respond to our every request, and it is our job to be aware of what we’re requesting! They don’t judge whether our leg is in the right place, whether the rider is a good person, whether their life is appropriate. They simply live, share, and love for the sake of love.

The amazing work we do to assist, empower, and heal each other through our businesses is a beginning to reaching the hearts of the masses. So many of us still live with protected hearts, in fear of the unknown and the uncontrollable. As leaders and facilitators, we have perpetually expanding opportunities to share our heart-centered experiences. How we share it determines whether the message will be met with open hearts or fearful ones.

Let’s take a look at our own view of humanity. Is humanity broken? Do we need to be fixed? Is there something wrong with us if we can’t bring ourselves to feel the love, to have compassion for others, if we can’t remember how valuable we are and end up living lives that are less than we deserve? Does it serve those with fearful hearts for us to spread a message of “you could be better than that”, or does it serve a greater purpose to say, “here’s why we love what we love!”

What if humanity is right where it needs to be? What if we can help those who are less aware by accepting them for who they are and enjoying ourselves anyway? That’s how the horses are. The horses feel, they understand and they have compassion. But they do not pity, they do not shun. They are open to all of us, no matter how we show up.

I learned compassion from horses. I share it with as many people as I can.

Written by Kerri Lake –