My friend and colleague Shawne Duperon ( teaches “the cycle of reciprocity” – How making investments in others creates energy flow back to you.  Shawne is at the heart of my own cycle of reciprocity here this morning.

Several months ago, my kids and I started planning a holiday to Africa.  I remember expressing a wish that it will become a philanthropic holiday to make a positive impact in developing communities.   At the time, it was simply an expressed wish; but wishes have a way of taking shape.   As Janet Attwood says in The Passion Test, “The bigger the why, the easier the how”.  One of the people I told of my wish was Shawne.

When Shawne was first looking to become better know in Canada so I introduced her to some of my key colleagues. People like Lynne MacQuarrie (Handler Inc) and Cidnee Stephens (inventor the Marketing Multivitamin).

It’s through introductions like this that I’ve truly learned how the “6 degrees of separation” really works.   Anyone you want to connect to, or anything you want to create, is seldom more than one or two introductions away.

Cidnee introduced Shawne to the President of DeVry Institute Calgary, Ranil Herath.  Shawne was kind enough to include me in breakfast meeting with Ranil and his top marketing folks last week.  During the meeting, Ranil and I discovered we share a passion for teaching success skills to people in developing countries.   Within minutes Ranil had offered used laptops from DeVry to take with me on what is now our philanthropic family holiday.

So now my wish to “one day” make a difference in developing countries is here. On February 3 my two girls and I will be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro for Youth Action International and we will be donating 4 laptops to a vocational centre in Arusha Tanzania.  All it took on my part was to express the wish to others and a large enough relationship capital bank account that others readily set it up for me.

Three key things you can do:
1.    Be clear in what service you want to offer the world and tell others.
2.    Invest in other people.  Connecting friends and colleagues helps others to grow, all while building your relationship capital.
3.    Say “YES” and be grateful when the Universe sends you what you’ve asked for. Especially if it arrives years before you planned.