Spark, fuel and wind.

They’re the three key ingredients in a massive word of mouth wildfire.

A month ago I predicted Charmaine Hammond would hit New York Times.  Her spark and fuel are just so strong.   Charmaine has dedicated her life to helping others live better lives through her teaching of resiliency.  And her dog Toby has become a hero dog Canada-wide with his volunteer work and inspirational story.

You only have to meet Charmaine to be inspired by her.  And her dog Toby, the very large and very joyful Cheasepeake Bay Retriever who has touched the lives of thousands through his volunteer work can do nothing but bring a grin of joy to your face.

In every word of mouth wildfire there is a tipping point (as Malcolm Gladwell would say).   A point at which the energy around something becomes so great that it the wildfire takes on a life of its own.  That’s the wind.

When influential people all over are so inspired that they all start talking about something and throw their energy behind.  Today is that day for “On Toby’s Terms” Charmaine’s book.  Thought-leaders are stepping up from all over the planet to offer free gifts and down-loadables for anyone who buys the book today.


Because this book just might inspire you to take your belief in others to a deeper level.   It just might inspire you to love deeper, live fuller and laugh more.

Buy this book.  Buy it for your parents, your kids and anyone you love!  Maybe you’ll stay up all night with someone you love reading it, laughing and crying the way my kids and I did.

But one thing is for certain.  You will have been part of one of the biggest wildfires this year will see.  And when you’re watching this movie win the academy award, you’ll be able to say “I read that book the week it hit New York Times”.

For more information on Charmaine and Toby click HERE.

-Teresa de Grosbois