If you’re old enough to remember the first generation of video games you’ll know that Donkey Kong was once considered the hardest game on the planet. Most of us never made it past level 3 of the 22 levels.

So when the movie “King of Kong” was recommended to me, it was tempting to take a pass. I may have once been a video game addict, but how exciting can a movie about Donkey Kong be?

Rent the movie. It’s worth watching.

Steve Wiebe is all of us. He’s a school teacher, who happens to be really good at something – playing Donkey Kong. He figures out how to smash the world record for Donkey Kong. Existing outside the gaming world, where cheating is rife, Steve’s struggle to be recognized is compelling.

This documentary-styled film has you fall in love with Steve, not because he makes such a great hero, but specifically because he doesn’t. He’s an ordinary guy who sometimes neglects his kids to play video games. You’ll cry. You’ll cheer.

Before you watch it, here’s the main takeaway to bring to your business, your book, your charity, your project:

Emotion sells.

“So what!” you say. “Everyone knows that!”

Yes, and still very few people LIVE it.

Think of the last time a telemarketer phoned you: dead voice, no enthusiasm. You couldn’t wait to get off the phone. Think of the last time someone had a wrong number but you just couldn’t help but chat for 5 minutes because they were so nice.

Now, think of the last time you tried to convince someone of something you were unsure of or not particularly passionate about. (Feel free to have the light bulb go on at this point…)

If you’re not fully passionate about what you’re doing, you’re doing the wrong thing or you’re doing it the wrong way. For no other reason than if your emotions are wrong, you’ll seldom convince anyone of anything.

Go rent the movie. You’ll love it.