Pop quiz

What catches wildfire easier?

a)    big spark

b)    little spark

c)    Don’t be silly,  I never play with fire

Many people make the mistake of thinking that working on a big problem that’s of great significance to others will be too hard.  So they practice on the little stuff, that’s not particularly important to them or anyone else.

Nothing could be further from the truth.   The bigger the problem you solve for others, the bigger the service you provide, the more happiness or relief you bring, the easier it is to be the subject of wildfire word of mouth.  That’s why the expression “The bigger the why, the easier the how” has become so popular amongst transformation leaders like Janet Attwood and Jennifer Hough.

So before you start planning your next on-line campaign or product roll out, make it easier on yourself.  Give yourself a really big spark!

Know any great stories of people who’ve done really inspiring things that have resulted in wildfire word of mouth?   I’d love to hear about them and write about them on my blog.  Join in the conversation here….