We asked powerhouse leaders of the Evolutionary Business Council this question and here’s what they shared:
Online Chart and Graph1. “I love my automated lead generation system. It not only pre-qualifies my prospects and gives value, but it also asks them their biggest frustration or struggle about their business so I know how best to serve them.” Lisa Mininni of ExcellerateAssociates.com


2. “When speaking, I hand out evaluation forms with the question, Do you know of places for Teresa to speak? I usually get 4-5 suggestions from people in the audience so that I can keep my speaking scheduled filled.” Teresa de Grosbois wildfirews.com

3. “I’ve integrated my lead generation system into my tweets which has increased the number of people going to my site. Keeping my tweets consistently going out on Hootsuite has been the key.” Joel Young Truthscompany.com

4. “When speaking, I always give something for free to the audience. There’s not a time where they don’t want the free offer and it increases my conversions.” Barb Stuhlemmer BLITZBusinessSuccess.com


5. “On the last slide of my speaking engagements I have a  number that people can text their name and email address and automatically receive my presentation. It also opts them into my free newsletter, too, increasing my community of readers. Sharon McRillbettybrigade.com


6. “Right after I complete training, I ask my contact at the organization if they would be willing to warm introduce me to someone in their organization. This results in at least two other engagements to train within the organization.” Marilyn Suttle marilynsuttle.com


7. “I have a funnel approach and start the funnel with a $7 offer. It continues to the highest price at which time they are vetted into the advanced and higher priced services.” Terri Levineterrilevine.com


8.”Warm word of mouth marketing works for me. When I meet a potential joint venture partner, I keep my asks narrow and tell them how I can help them. Steve Hobbs


9. “When I receive a positive response from a radio show that I’ve been on I ask them to joint venture. We then collaborate on a teleseminar and split the profits from the teleseminar. Todd Brockdorft toddbrockdorf.com/


10. “When speaking, I place a provision in my speaker contract that if they like my presentation to make a warm introduction to other people in their network.” Valerie Shepard heartoflivingvibrantly.com/


11. “When interviewed on radio shows I offer a free personal health assessment with a report customized to the person. In addition, on the back of my business card, I offer information for a free gift and hand them my business card with the free gift side up. Introductions become leads.” Scott Schilling scottschilling.com


12. “At the end of a speaking engagement, I offer an introductory package. They get great value, and I get solid leads with people who want to work with me.” Laura Rubinstein  TransformToday.com