Confession time.  I sometimes do business meetings in my garden while I randomly pull weeds.

It’s a grounding act that helps me stay tuned into the person I’m with and connected to who I am.

Pulling weeds is a symbolic act for me.  It’s a reflection of all those inauthentic parts of myself that don’t serve.

When am I nervous?

When am I’m worrying about my schedule?

When am I stuck on being right?

When am I coming from a place of looking good?

When do I scold myself and stay in my own shame?

All of those are weeds to pull.  They choke out the growth of  who I really am in the world.  Someone committed to being deeply of service to others.  Some who stands for others stepping into their own leadership.

Weed daily.

Anything that stops you from walking your path in life powerfully is inauthentic to who you are.  They are random weeds to pull.  And like gardening, it is an on-going commitment, an on-going noticing.  It is not a task to check off your do list.  The garden is not weeded once and you are done.  It is a daily noticing of what has arisen that might need pulling to leave room for the flowers and fruits to flourish.