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I’ll admit I’ve had moments of resisting it.   It’s so much easier just to post a quote you like than to spend the time and put the quote on a photo.

But there’s a reason memes are all the rage on social media platforms.  Memes (coming from the study of Memetics – meaning an image or unit for carrying cultural ideas) are now one of the most spread posts on social media.

Why  memes?  Colourful photos with beautiful or catchy phrases not only capture the eye, they capture the mind.  Do both, and you have a winner.

Three quick tips

1.  find an easy way to create memes.  G+ will generate memes right from the post box (the one on the right is from G+) or you can try InstaQuote for the iPhone users out there.  Both help you generate memes quickly.

2.  inspire people or make them laugh.  If you’re not doing one or the other, don’t post the meme.  It will sit there like a dead fish.

3.  post a statement or question with the meme.  It helps engagement.

And most importantly, have fun!  There’s just no point in doing any of this, if it’s not fun!  🙂