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“Always be closing.” It’s the most quoted line Ben Affleck says in Boiler Room.   In the world of high pressure push sales it’s the mantra.

But the world is changing.  People are now resisting hard sales and wanting pure authentic service.  Pioneers like Seth Godin have taught us that “pull selling” is preferred  to “push”.  Being of such high service that people are naturally drawn to you.

In the world of pull selling, your emotional energy and authenticity is everything.  Authenticity is the agreement of your inner voice and your outer voice.  So if your  your outer voice is saying “tell me what’s important to you” and your inner voice is singing “Oh God I need this sale” you’re going to land smarmy (yes that’s a technical term).

One of the companies I love taking training from is Landmark Worldwide Inc.   As one of the biggest training companies is the world, they teach people how to fulfil on what’s important to them, in business and in life.  I love them for two reasons, the training is phenomenal and I love to watch how a company that effective runs their own business.  One of the things they believe in is “always be clearing”.  It’s about checking in before any important conversation to notice what your emotional state is.  And talk to someone to get anything that’s in your way of having an effective conversation, dealt with.

Clearing your emotional energy of fear, frustration, annoyance, you name it, is your key to authentic powerful conversations that pull customers toward you.

Today’s tip

Find someone you trust and create an agreement that you can clear with each other before important conversations or presentations.


…And if you want to check out Landmarks programs, I highly recommend it.  I can attribute hundred’s of thousands of dollars in benefits in my Company to what I’ve learned in their programs –  The impact on my parenting and other relationships has been an added bonus.  🙂