Sleep overtakes me at 3:30 AM. It bends awkwardly in my exhausted hands.  Twelve pages to go.  I had started it at bedtime thinking I’d just read a few pages. I simple can’t put it down.

I wake again at 6 AM; unfold the corner of the book I’ve damaged from holding it in my sleep. The last 12 pages can’t wait. I’m bawling. I’m laughing. I’m thrilled at the happy ending.

When’s the last time you couldn’t put a book down?

I’m blogging about Frock Off by Jo Ann Dibblee for the third time in a matter of days.  I simple can’t stop talking about it.  This book epitomizes everything I teach.  So you  may hear about it a few more times.

What makes a book gripping?  What makes a speech compelling? What makes a story engage?  Jo Dibblee does these things exquisitely.

1. Easy to read, is hard to put down. Shorten your sentences.  Short compels.  Look at the length of the sentences I’ve used above.

2. Vulnerability is relatable.  Don’t sugar coat what’s going on.  Real life is messy.

3. Let the reader decide the emotions. They’ll fill what’s most relatable to them.

4. Stay in the present tense. The present is now. It’s vivid.

Want to pick up a copy of the book?  Of course you do.  🙂