It was a powerhouse room.  Most of the people were professional speakers who spoke on business, business owners or leaders.  Patty was missing opportunity after opportunity.  It was almost painful to watch.  She’d be in a group of people she somewhat knew and she’d only introduce herself by credential.  When it came to introducing the others she would simply say their name and stop.  No mention of the huge influence or impressive credentials the people around her had.  No effort to connect people in powerful ways to help them in business.  Patty was missing one of the fundamental skills of business.

Influence is not something you can ever take or buy for yourself.   You can only ever give it to someone else.  Then they can give it back to you.  By focusing only on herself, Patty was simply landing as arrogant.

In other words, to get influence, you have to give influence.  The more you assist others in being known and respected, the more they will instinctively help you. How gracious you are in introducing people is a great example of this.

Three tips on make a powerful introduction:

1. Give a “Coles Notes” versions of both person’s key credentials.

2. In a few words talk about why their well respected (e.g. Mary has helped a lot of start up entrepreneurs)

3. Say why this introduction would be a powerful connection (e.g. You both could really help each other in generating business in New York).

Powerful connections can be made in person or in email.  Spend the next month making at least one powerful introduction a week and notice what happens to your influence.