Charmaine - womanition photoBuilding Philanthropy into Your Business By Charmaine Hammond


Supporting local groups, charities, missions and causes is a an important aspect of many businesses. There are many ways that businesses can support philanthropic efforts from donating money and time, to donating products, being an ambassador for an organization’s message, to holding fundraising events and the list goes on.

When considering the different ways your business will build in philanthropy, it is important to reflect on the following:

  • What are the causes that are important to our business?
  • What type of impact do you want to make through your philanthropic activities?
  • What activities will support this goal?
  • Will you support local/regional/national/international causes?
  • How many groups/organizations/causes/events will your business support each year/month?
  • How will you make decisions about what to support (criteria)?
  • When will you make decisions on requests that come forward for support?
  • In what ways will you be an ambassador for the organizations/causes you support?
  • What expectations do you have around cross promotion of philanthropic support?
  • Will crowdfunding be a part of your philanthropic activities?
  • How involved do you want to be in the causes you support?
  • Will you be promoting causes/opportunities to donate to a cause on your business website?



  • Be strategic- have a philanthropic plan and schedule
  • Build relationships and address issues early on
  • Communicate clearly
  • Research the causes you are aligning with
  • Have a process to approve requests
  • Have a system for tracking your philanthropic activities (from an accounting perspective as well as customer relations perspective)



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