You’d have to be crazy to start a new social media network with the level to which Facebook and Twitter have the market nailed down. And let’s face it how many of us want to join, yet one more social media network.


Of course there’s that tiny issue that many people are coming to see Facebook as “the Man”.  With privacy under barage, into the fray steps a small David, to Facebook’s Golliath – Zucker.  It’s a social media platform owned by it’s users.  It’s direction and policy, influenced by it’s users.

In the past week, I’ve seen Zucker mentioned no less than 30 times in social media. It’s looking very much like we may have the seeds of a wildfire word of mouth epidemic on our hands.

I’ve signed up.  If you’d like to join me the link to visit them is here.

Click this link and I’ll even get a share in the company.  As you will if someone comes in via you.  What an interesting concept.  Social media meets referral marketing.

Facebook, take note.