Karl is an energy healer. He thinks social media is a waste of time, so his wife does his Facebook for him. She friends anyone in their local community who will friend back and tediously sets up events on Facebook, adding people to the events a few at a time. Karl shakes his head at this. Hours of work go into getting very few leads.

Like a lot of people Karl and his wife are not really getting the best use of social media. Most people don’t know how to really leverage it. Trying to sell what you do to your own followers is a lot like trying to cut down a tree with a pair of tweezers.  The effort is not worth it.

Word of mouth really goes exponential when other influential people in your same target market all start talking about you at the same time. So your social media isn’t nearly as effective at selling your own events as it is at enabling you to develop relationship with other influencers by using your social media to spread word of mouth about their work.

Here are five tips on using Facebook more effectively.

1. Focus on growing your friends and following in an intentional and targeted way. For example if you’re a holistic healer, look for people who are likely to be open to that. You might search for people with the words “yoga” or “alternative medicine” in their profiles.

2. Use your social media to send attention and energy to the work of other influential people who you legitimately respect and admire who share some level of common audience with you. This will help you get into conversation and relationship with those influencers.

3. Trust. This energy will come back to you. Once people know and like you, you can ask for help.

4. If you find setting up events in Facebook tedious, stop. Your status feed is the best source of gaining attention to things. Use it to link to somewhere people can get more information.

5. When you post things to your status, tag other people into the conversation using the @ symbol before their name. That brings the conversation up in their feed as well and will help create energy around the topic.

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