Marc Twain (Samuel Clemens) writing in Bed


Yes, I’m doing it right now.

I’m propped up on pillows writing.

Research shows that people are significantly more creative at the following times:

a) when they’re lying down,

b) right before they fall asleep, and/ or

c) right after they wake up.

Have you ever thought about when you’re most creative?  For me it’s first thing in the morning.  Or, in fact, when I wake up in the middle of the night with a thought in my head.   Yes, all three of my bestsellers and many of my blog posts have been written at 4 AM.

The tough part for a lot of people is honouring  that feeling and choosing to make that the point at which you write.  Or, at the very least, to keep a notebook by your bed and jot down what you would like to write later.  Creativity is not something that can always be called up on demand.  So the game becomes really honouring the call when it’s there for you.

Todays’s key tip?

Create a ritual or routine for yourself that has your writing at the time and place in which you’re most creative.  Creating content is your way of giving to yourself by giving to others.  There is great joy in writing.  So reward yourself with a routine of blissful creativity!