Do you love the feeling of knowing something is a certainty before it happens?  I do.

I love predicting when I know it’s simply a done deal that a book will go bestseller and stay there.

Thank  you for leaving me by Farhana Dhalla is just such a book.  The most amusing thing about this book has been watching the debate amongst those who love this book as to whether it is a self-help book that reads like a novel, or a novel with a profound message of personal growth.  (My view?  It’s both!).  I have not laughed and cried so much over a single book since reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. I adore this book. Farhana Dhalla is straight from the heart.

There are always two major roots that create the foundation of any bestselling book.  Is the book exquisit, and is the author beloved amongst the community of influencers that sway opinion on such things.  Farhana Dhalla has both in spades.  She’s not only an exquisit writer, if you’ve ever met her you’ll know she’s a down-to-earth, authentic, vibrant, caring soul that people fall in love with within 2 minutes of meeting.  I’m humbled to say she’s become a dear friend.

So it was no surprise to see this exquisit book hit the bestseller lists 2 weeks before the re-release officially launched’ and hit #1 in both Canada and the US on launch day.  I’m also happy to predict not only a long life on the lists, but that you’ll be able to deeply impress your friends when the movie comes out by saying that you read the book when it first climbed the lists.

It’s worth picking up.  Not only will you enjoy an evening of staying up way too late because you can’t put it down, you’ll see a real live example of how word of mouth works.

You can find the book at

Every wildfire starts with spark, fuel and wind.  Let’s break it down.

1. Spark – What problem does it solve for the world.  Thanks you for leaving me hits at the core of navigating the deepest of human wounds, the breakdown of a marriage.

2. Fuel – How passionate are you about your mission.  Listen to Farhana speak or follow her on facebook.  You’ll get it.

3. Wind – How many influential people know, love and trust you?  Farhana has been of such service to people who deeply care about others.  As a radio host and internet personality she has built hundreds of relationships with people who can sway opinion.  She’s done it authentically and compassionately to their mission.

Need I say more?

What wildfire will you start?