Screen Shot 2013-07-07 at 7.53.55 AMThe flood was of biblical proportions, Noah would have recognized.

Calgarians stepped up, en mass.  Calgarians not only absorbed 100,000 families into their homes, they came out in droves to rescue the devastated families.  With bridges closed all over the city and much of the cities infrastructure in ruin, somehow the city rallied and within meer weeks, our largest tourist event, the Calgary Stampede, still opened “Come hell or high water!”

Two things have become crystal clear from this disaster.  Calgarians have huge hearts and our mayor could be the next Prime Minister.

Although well-loved before the flood, Naheed Nenshi has become the biggest word-of-mouth epidemic this region has ever seen.  From the fact that he remembers the names of people affected, to his empassioned speeches envoking the Darwin Principle for the idiots who would take a canoe into flood, he is the topic of conversation at ever barbeque, breakfast and bump-into in the city.

And it is clear more than just Calgarians would follow him through hell and back again.

Great leadership always starts with heart.  And Nenshi’s heart is as big as they come!