So you’re starting to get the whole ‘building up relationship capital’ idea and you’re doing great on generating word of mouth. But now you want to go bigger; to increase your influence to the level of your dreams. So here’s the tipping point that Malcolm Gladwell talks about.

Connect the connectors together!

It’s that simple. When you start recongnizing who the connectors are that can help you, and you start helping them, by connecting them with each other, guess what happens? They all start talking about you! You see, the thing that connectors love most, is to connect with other connectors. They’ll be holding you in gratitude for hooking them up.

Three key places where you find connectors:
1) Running meet-up groups, especially ones that meet both on and off line. These groups will have stronger relationships and good systems to support continuing conversation on-line.
2) On-stage – most speakers have followings and newsletters. At events, it’s a good idea to meet the speaker and see who you can connect them with.
3) On-TV – reporters are amongst the best mavens and connectors on the planet. Connect them with good stories and they will love you for it. www. is full of resources on this topic.