Those who know me know how much I LOVE a great chai latte.  So much so that our dog is named Chai Latte and my kids’ affectionate farewell to me is “Bye Mommy, I love you a Latte!”  There’s just something so decadent about sitting in an internet cafe with a chai and writing your blog.  Although I travel a great deal speaking all over the world, my absolute favourite internet cafe is Remedy Cafe, just off the University Campus in Edmonton.   It was worth the drive across town to get one of their Kashmiri Chai’s sprinkled with pistachio and almonds.  If you haven’t had one, all I can say is BUY A PLANE TICKET!  They’re that good!

So this is the subject of my first blog post on this site.  First, let me say welcome.  Second, if you’ve never read one of my other blogs, let me introduce myself by saying that I teach relationship marketing and word of mouth (as well as basic business skills when I’m speaking in developing countries).   So what does Chai have to do with word of mouth?  Everything!

I first heard about this cafe from fellow Marketing expert Tad Hargrave (He’s brilliant so check him out … ).  I was stopping for a visit while speaking in Edmonton and he offered to take me for a “really great chai”.

“Oh please!”  I thought. “In Edmonton?”    I’ve had friends take me to the best chai hangouts in over 50 cities.   But apparently Tad knows chai as well as he knows Marketing.  It’s literally, the best Chai I’ve had and 4 continents.   I’m not sure if it’s the recipe or atmosphere.  Remedy is a grass roots cafe filled with University students where you feel the smoke rising from the intellectual discussions and see love blossoming in the young couples getting to know each other by sharing plates of Indian food between classes.   It’s simply contagious in its uniqueness?  You can tell that the family who runs Remedy is passionate about creating a experience that serves their clientelle.  From the cushy couches from which you can pound out a blog, to the amazingly good food and drinks.

Remedy is a great example of why aligning with your passion is so important to creating word of mouth in what you do.  From the Chai to friendly conversation to the extension cords for the bloggers, it’s clear that this place is about creating a fantastic grass-roots experience for those who walk through the door.

So what’s your passion for what you bring to the world?  Whomever you serve, when you serve with all your heart and passion, word of mouth will follow.