“What a cute facebook photo!”  I thought.

It was a picture of Charmaine Hammond and her dog Toby.  Char’s book, On Toby’s Terms, is about to be made into a major motion picture.  The book has caught on so well in early sales, I actually predict it will hit number one on New York Times by the end of May.  It’s caught on because Toby has become a hero dog to many.  It’s caught on because it’s a book about believing in what someone can become.

And here was a picture of Charmaine hugging Toby while sitting above Lassy’s star on the hollywood walk of fame.

“That should get printed in the Edmonton paper,” I thought.  I could see the great “Hometown hero dog goes hollywood” story unfolding.

Then I remembered what Shawne Duperon teaches in her Media Mastery Bootcamp.   “Eightly percent of what is covered in news has been pitched”.

It took me two minutes.   I googled the Edmonton Journal and sent an email to the weekend editor suggesting it would be a great story.  The next day Andrea Sands was on the phone interviewing me for the story of Charmaine and Toby.

Pitching stories is easy and fun.  And if you don’t have a story of your own to pitch, it’s a great way to build relationship with other influences.  Pitch a story about someone you love and admire and watch the ripples you create.  On Toby’s Terms is a book that will change the world.  It deserves to have more people hear about it.