KarenMyers-JoePadula-200-253I ran across this article by Karen Myers that is one of the best overviews of the two systems I’ve seen.
The only thing Missing I’d add is for those of you thinking about taking a run at #1 International Bestselling Author Status.  Ingram is clearly the stronger choice for international distribution, with significantly lower prices and distribution globally.  They can also get you a Amazon.ca listing, which CreateSpace does not do.  So just an added point to consider.  How big do you want to launch to be?

How to Use Createspace and Ingram Spark Together

In a useful follow-up to Jim Giammatteo’s invaluable Watchdog piecerecommending that indie authors use both CreateSpace and Lightning Source simultaneously for effective distribution of print books, US novelist Karen Myers kindly volunteered to provide a personal case study of how this system works for her.The following observations reflect my personal understanding of the differences between the two services, based on my own and others’ observations. They do not include private information received from any of the vendors involved.

For the full article click here – http://www.selfpublishingadvice.org/how-to-use-createspace-and-ingram-spark-together/