Pop Quiz!

You’re at a networking event and you want to meet the speaker on the stage.  You know they could really help you generate and you know this could be your one big chance!  You:

a)    Pray to the Universe that they’ll notice you and be inspired to reach out

b) Run to the stage before they go to the washroom and ask them to endorse you on LinkedIn

c) Ask the host to introduce you so you can interview them on your teleseminar series.


One of the biggest mistakes I see people making when they play the influence game is what I’d affectionately call “The premature ask”.  It’s the equivalent of when you move into a new house having the neighbor come by and ask to borrow your lawn mower.  Bringing by a lasagna would have been so much easier to take.

A lot of people get into desperation when they’re first wanting to meet someone who is important to this.  Shawne Duperon talks about this a great deal in her work (www.ShawneTV.com).  The desperation feels like a weight to the person we’re wanting to relationship with.


Three tips when meeting an influencer:

1.  Remember there’s no rush.

You’re wanting relationship, not a one-shot deal.  Depending on how influential they are, it may take some time of you being of assistance before they offer back.   That’s normal and to be expected.

2.  Always offer first.

Offer an influencer something that will benefit them.  You want to feel like a support, not a weight to them in order to get past their boundaries and have them want to stay in connection.

3.  Offer them influence.

Influencers love influence, so anything that will assist them in reaching more people will do (e.g. an interview, recognition on your social media, connection to other influencers)