It was the best steak I’d had in more than a few years. And amazing as the meal

was, I could only think what a gift it was to meet Charles and Esther Mulli.

Maureen and Thomas Kehler were hosting a diner party in their home, so I could meet Charles and Esther on their tour across Canada before returning to their Kenyan orphanage school.  Over the past decade they have schooled, housed and loved over seven thousand children, they have developed a huge farming operation which employs many of the locals in their district and have helped reforest a large section of their drought-devastated region of Kenya.

Charles speaks unassumingly as he shows me video of the large dam they have constructed to catch the rain water coming off their green house operation, or the bridge they built, rated to carry large trucks across their river.  He’s done it a

ll on sheer belief; banding together workers and funds from the force of his vision.  And Esther stands by him, the roots that support his tree.

I have never been so moved to meet another human being.

Not surprising that he is now winning major awards and having movies made of his life.

There is something so inspiring in seeing the act of standing in belief in doing the impossible.  It’s the spark that ignites the wildfire. We simply must talk about it and share the story.