By Jennifer Longmore

I AM infinitely passionate about spreading my mission which is powerfully aligning soul’s to their purpose so that they can thrive in the most abundant, joyous, path! This is the legacy that I choose to leave behind. When I witness how many people are disconnected from their divine life purpose, feeling lost, confused, hopeless and depressed, it concerns me. So, it is my joy and my passion to share with you this powerful exercise that I have created below to assist you in becoming more clear of your soul’s purpose so that you can instantly shift from a place of searching for your purpose to BE-ing your purpose. This internal shift automatically accelerates your soul’s journey and connects you more closely with all that you are and were divinely created to BE.

Imagine for a moment how much conscious and subconscious energy you are spending on searching for your purpose. Perhaps you are spending 50% or even more on the energy of “searching.”

How does it FEEL to learn how much of your energy is spent in this way?

Really take a moment to BE with that feeling.

When you are “searching” for your purpose, you invest an immense amount of your energy, your vital life force, into the future. The future is the space of the unknown. It is in the unknown that your anxiety surfaces, and eventually grows into FEAR. When you exist from a place of fear, you instantly create imbalance on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Imbalance creates dis-ease and I am sure you can imagine where that leads.

So, how can you create a state of ease, balance and flow? By shifting your energy from “searching” to BE-ing.

Allow yourself to imagine how different your life would be if you re-invested your energy expenditure from “searching” to BE-ing.

Really give yourself a moment to fully BE with how that FEELS.

With at least 50% more energy, how would your physical body use that extra energy? What miracles would be created for you? How would that extra life force heal and shift existing conditions in your body?

What activities would you instantly have more vitality to experience?

It is my strong desire to witness every soul on our planet deeply connected to their purpose. In order to fully support you in beginning your sacred process, I have designed a series of life-changing questions to illuminate your purpose and your greatness.

It is my HIGH coach’s recommendation that you create a sacred space and gift yourself plenty of time before answering these questions from your heart so that you can really begin to experience the miracle that is you and receive clarity on your purpose. You may even wish to share your answers with someone who knows you well to receive further insight that may assist you on your soul’s journey.

Begin your soul’s journey here:

1. If time and money were not an issue and failure was a non-existent concept, what would you create? Who would benefit? Why does the world/universe need this creation?

2. As a child, what task(s) did you complete successfully and with enjoyment? And, now as an adult?

3. What is something in your life that you do regularly that you cannot imagine NOT doing?

4. When is a friend is in need, what do you bring to them (physical or otherwise)?

5. What is the one topic of conversation that you would insert yourself in and/or initiate and talk about for hours?

6. When you lose track of time, what are you doing?

7. What do you love so much that you would pay for the privilege of having it/doing it?

8. What do you consistently receive compliments about?

9. What are you consistently complaining about? What is the opposite energy of your complaint?

Now that you have completed these insightful questions, you are already seeing information and patterns emerge that better assist you to understand and embrace the unique purpose that you bring to our planet! How do you choose to align this awareness so that you may live the most joyous path?


Jennifer Longmore, North America’s Soul Purpose Expert, #1 Best-selling author, healer, and internationally acclaimed radio host of “Soul Purpose Central,” has served clients for more than 15 years in permanently shifting the limiting beliefs and patterns that prevent you from being who you really are so that you can live your most joyous, purpose-filled path. To learn more and claim your F.R.E.E Soul Acceleration System, visit

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