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Ours was a generation of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”  We were raised on the notion that certain things were just not spoken of. Sometimes with devastating emotional consequences.

Jo-Ann Dibblee calls that a “frock”.  The costume or mask you would wear to hide what’s truly going on.

Her new book “Frock off” just hit Amazon today and I can honestly say, it’s not just a memoir.  It’s a compelling look at what we do to ourselves when we’re not truly standing in authenticity.

When they make this book into a movie (and I know they will) critiques will talk about the metaphor this story is for our generation.  Outrageous courage has become about more than just staring in the face of death and mastering your fear.  Outrageous courage is truly about telling the truth and facing everything that comes with it.

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Jo Dibblee is truly one of the finest writers of our generation.

If you want to take a hard look at authenticity, pick up a copy  “