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OK, let’s talk turkey.

It’s that joyous time of year again when we have to remind ourselves the true spirit of the season.  You already know, it is not found in rushing around to events or running up our credit card bills. It is found in the small moments of connecting with those we love in some special way.

The same holds true for your business relationships. If you’re holiday card writing or event throwing is starting to feel like a burden than you’re on the wrong track.  If there’s no heart in it for you, the message you are hoping to convey will be lost on the other end.  If your inner voice is not saying the same thing as the factory-scrolled message on that card you just posted, then there’s an authenticity break that will be transparent to the receiver.

Will they care? Likely not. We’re all used to receiving a stack of greeting cards with hasty signatures from our suppliers and business partners. But is that really what you want to achieve?

Here’s three strategies you can try to remove the automation and put back the relationship into Christmas

  1. If you’re buying gifts for key business relationships, make it an experience. A basket that makes up a fun party, or movie passes to take their kids are examples of things they’ll remember you for.

  2. Take a funny photo and email or text it out to your friends to make them laugh
  3. Leave a voice message for them to tell them how much you appreciate them and are grateful for them.