I chuckle every time she sendsScreen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.54.45 PM my letters back edited. At 92 my mother is a dynamo. She loves to read and engages in happy debate on any topic, especially health or living a conscious spiritual life.

One of her passions is the spoken word. Mom will draft and re-draft a piece ’til it inspires and captivates. My passion for writing comes from her.

Whenever I hear my dear friend Jill Fischer use the phrase “Mighty Mom” I smile and think of my 92-year-old dynamo.  Mom taught me one simple tenet.

We create first in words.Craft words well, craft anything well.

Your editors are  your most powerful guides. They help you create powerfully. The best editor preserves your vision while showing you the most powerful way to get there.

To quote the cliche attributed to many men as early as Cicero, “If I had more time, I would have written less.”

But perhaps it is “If I had a better editor, I’d write less.”

Thanks Mom.