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It’s last Thursday and I’m standing at the top of one of the best down-hill ski mountains in the world – Lake Louise, in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Being a Rocky Mountain girl, I’m always intrigued by what the distinction of double black means to people.  The Double Black Diamond is the warning sign they post on the toughest runs.  Only the most seasoned, or perhaps the craziest skiers would dare attempt. People put their kids in ski school at  age 3 so they’ll one day be fearless enough to ski  double blacks.  My kids have skied them since they were 8.

I ask Cara, my ski instructor, what the double black means to her. Cara has dedicated her life to skiing: she works two jobs so she can afford to live in Banff and spend her days skiing. What she says  goes “Ka-chunk” for me.

“You’re probably dropping over a ledge onto the run and once you’re on it there’s only one thing to do.”

She pauses and her face takes on a look of reflection.

“Ski the run.”

She’s looking off across the mountains. The view here is spectacular in the crisp wind. Though I’m grateful the blizzard is reducing the visibility.  I’m having trouble with my nerve on this mountain.

“It’s all about choosing to have no choice.” I can see she’s thinking about all the black diamonds she’s skied.

“You can only react to what the hill throws at you in the moment. You’re just skiing. There might be rocks or trees and the drop is massive, but you’re just taking what’s coming at you in any moment. There’s not stopping, no second guessing, no way off the mountain. Your only choice is to ski.”

I can see the metaphor this is for life. The truly great moments come from committing to something so deeply that there’s no choice but to move forward. To put your whole life on the line and be all in.

To truly be a successful entrepreneur  you need this same attitude. In business, when you fully commit, magic happens. There’s is only one choice. Move forward, risk it all and create greatness.

Today’s tip? Find your double black diamond. Something so worth doing that you have only one choice to commit to it fully.

Magic awaits.