Forgiveness is about us first and the other other person second. You see, if we can’t forgive ourselves first for putting ourselves in a position where another person did us an injustice or harmed us in any way, we can never forgive the other person.  Forgiving myself  is the first action I must take if I want to forgive the other person and enjoy the immense benefits that forgiveness gives me.

Forgive means to: 1. grant pardon for an offense ; to absolve; to set free from punishment. 2. to cease to feel resentment against yourself or others.

When I forgive myself  I am set free to create what I want rather than being filled with feelings of resentment, anger and fear that stops me from creating what I want. The unwillingness to forgive myself for my mistakes makes ‘nasty feelings’ stick to me like SUPER GLUE.

The reason forgiveness works so powerfully in making me feel energetic and brand new again is because I know, the moment I forgive myself, God does too.


I forgive myself for inadvertently offending some people yesterday.
I forgive myself for not making any money online yesterday.
I forgive myself for being too hard on myself.
I forgive myself for paying attention to the critic in my head.
I forgive myself for not living a more balanced life.
I forgive myself for trying too hard.
I forgive myself for upsetting people in ways I am not aware of.
I forgive myself for being a perfectionist.
I forgive myself for not being more grateful for what I do have.
I forgive myself for living too much in the future.
I forgive myself for not letting go of the past.
I forgive myself for thoughtlessly stressing myself out.

Post by Frederick Zappone