Jack was feeling sad.  He knew you were suppose to be happy Christmas week, but the new skis his Dad had given him weren’t cheering him up.  They were top of the line.  His Dad was a Vice President in a Marketing Firm, so he could afford the best.  Jack was sitting at home wondering if his Dad would ever get off the phone and take him to the ski hill.  What good were things if you had no one you cared about to use them with?

It is interesting how easily we loose site of what a gift represents.  When you offer a gift, we are really offering someone we love an experience:  nicer cloths to wear, a game to play, a tool they can use.   So, if what we are really giving someone is an experience, why not offer one of the most precious gifts we can, our time?  As a parent, we often think we’re giving our kids considerable time as we work to maintain the household and provide a better lifestyle.  Yet the thing people often care about most is having someone they love simply spend time with them.

If you want to align with this gift this Christmas, try and create more space in your life for those you love.  For a few hours every evening, stop all the running around and just spend time with your loved ones.   If your loved ones are far away, make a phone call.   Then at bedtime, keep a short journal of the experience and what it meant to you.   At the end of the holiday season, look back on your journal and reflect on what this shifted in your life.