The biggest challenge for me this year has been mastery over my own thoughts.   When I first decided that my dream was to raise money, in trust for schools in developing countries, I first conceptualized it as something I would do “someday” when I retired.   But as I let myself sink deeper into trust for the Universe I realized the opposite was true:   when I started following my dream, I would retire.   So it has been a year of practicing letting go of the safety net of a well paying job.   I have learned to trust that when I follow my passion, all will fall into place.

How often in life do we defeat ourselves with our own thoughts?   More still, how often do we defeat those we love?   Elisabeth Fayt has written a brilliant book on the practice of controlling your thoughts called “Paving it Forward”.    Want to shift your life? Your words are a great indicator of your thoughts and beliefs so spend today noticing your thoughts and statements. If you are worried about something pre-pave it in a positive way.  For example “My appointment this morning, will exceed my expectations!”  Or, “My family will forgive me for being late”.   Begin to catch yourself whenever you hear yourself saying something that would predict failure and re-pave it into something positive.  Change “I’m always late” to “I routinely arrive on time”.  Change “I always hit red lights” to “I mostly hit green lights.”   Watch what making this small shift in your language and thoughts does for your life!