How busy are you today? Did cold weather this morning create more stress in your life, as you had to dig your car out, or scrape the windshield? Christmas can be a time of great stress for many people as they run around trying to complete their lists. Ironic, when we all know the true meaning of Christmas is to bring peace and joy the world. So how are we planning to bring peace and joy to others, without first gaining it for ourselves?

If you want more peace in your life this Christmas, try the following. Spend a few minutes emptying your mind. Let your thoughts gently drift away like snow in the wind. Then let your consciousness drift away from yourself so that you can see yourself, in your minds eye, sitting in peace. From a distance, visualize your life and all the things that keep you busy. Visualize this from afar, just observing it without engaging in it or judging it. Then ask yourself, “what of this will be important to me on my hundredth birthday?” Sit quietly for a few minutes and see what comes up for you. In the stillness of your heart, be in your inner peace.