Mary had worked so hard to get everyone’s Christmas presents, she felt totally exhausted and frustrated.  She also knew she didn’t have enough money to get everything on her children’s lists.  She felt guilty for not being able to give her kids the things they really wanted.  With her energy depleted and her frustration running high, she started snapping at her family.  Christmas was supposed to be a time of joy and happiness and yet she felt totally drained.

Sound familiar in any way?   It’s easy to loose site of what Christmas is really about.   Regardless of your beliefs, the fundamental teaching of Christ has meaning for most people, “love your neighbor as yourself”.  So the true spirit of Christmas celebrates this philosophy regardless of your belief.   The teaching “Love your neighbor as yourself” has meanings on many levels.   The beauty of this statement is that you only love your neighbor to the extent that you love yourself.  So loving yourself is paramount.  I am not talking about egotistical love, but rather knowing that you are a miraculous creation and part of this amazing world.  And when you can see yourself this way, turn your gaze outward and see every other living thing in this same light.  At the same time this teaching has an even deeper meaning.  We are all connected in this world.  So loving your neighbor as yourself also recognizes that whatever energy you give out to the world, you get back.   To get love, you must give it.

If you want to shed the “busy-ness” of Christmas,  spend some time in silence today, stilling your thoughts.  As thoughts come up, let them drift away in a bubble until you can completely still your mind.   Take long slow inhales and long slow exhales.  Commit to doing this for 10 minutes every night.   When you can still the busy thoughts of your mind, clarity will come forth.