My dream is to change the global conversation.  I share this dream with my best friend Shawne Duperon.   She pursues it by teaching thought-leaders to engage with the media.   I pursue it by teaching thought-leaders to create word of mouth epidemics.

So the council of thought leaders that Shawne has helped me found  (the Evolutionary Business Council is a collaborative community designed to connect and assist thought-leaders in their mission to change the world.

Typically, when I find someone who is right for the council, it is not difficult to have them join.  I simply tell them honestly how grateful I am for their work.  While I’m talking to them I let my dominant thought sit in my belief that they will create great change in the world.  They are emotionally intelligent people.  They get it.  They get me.  They get the council. They join.

Yesterday I was speaking with a thought leader (I’ll call her Janice) who is doing some phenomenal work with teaching skills for emotional intelligence.  I slipped.  My dominant thought became “How great!  I can use the additional membership fees to hire the extra Virtual Assistant we need”.  Janice was a smart lady.   She felt it.  She didn’t join.

Ironic that she teaches emotional intelligence.  Because it was a moment of learning about mine.

The fuel in your wildfire is not so much your own passion for what you do, but how others respond to your passion.  Their emotional intelligence picks up on who you are and how deeply you care.

Today’s tip…

Think about what you’re thinking when you’re selling someone.  The harsh truth is that they get you.  Your dominant thought will influence whether or not they are sold.