It’s been an interesting month.

The Universe, in it’s infinite wisdom has a way of sending a lot at once. Lots of challenge.  Lots of joy.

First let me say a big thank you for all the warm support over Mom’s passing. I know you know how close Mom and I were.

Top that off with a bit of empty nest syndrome, major computer problems, several huge wins in business, a car accident (I’m fine… so is the woman who hit me), some really great visits with old friends and one of the busiest months my business sees all year.

Interesting times.

The thing I’m noticing about my own grief process, is how much I make things significant when my heart is hurting. Things I’d normally roll with effortlessly become a much bigger deal. So I ask myself. Is there more coming at me? Or am I just noticing the bumps in the road more and believing they’re more significant.

The silver lining?

Now I can chat with Mom anytime.

And of course Pumpkin pie. It heals everything.  🙂