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Arthur Fry, one of the inventors of Post-it Notes

In the 1980’s when Post-it Notes were invented, amongst their many uses, they were rapidly adopted by pranksters.

You’d be riding the elevator in the morning to see colleagues with bright yellow messages on their back.  Anything from “Don’t talk to me! Need coffee!” to “Go ahead. Ask me if I’m pregnant.”

The post-it note on the back is a great metaphor for how your emotional energy shows up to the world. What you think you’re walking around with hidden, is posted on your back for the rest of the world to see.

Hate your colleague? Everyone can see it.

Annoyed with your spouse or life partner? Trust me, it’s obvious.

It’s getting in the way of you being influential.

Authenticity is a common theme of business and success experts. Because when your thoughts are out of alignment with your actions or your inner voice is saying something different than what’s coming out of your mouth, trust me, the world can see it.

One of the reasons I’m so involved with Project: Forgive, is that forgiveness is the key to cleaning up your emotional energy. It’s the foundation of authenticity. When you carry around your anger toward someone it’s like the post-it note on your back. Everyone can see it no matter how hidden it is to you.

Shawne Duperon, the founder of Project: Forgive, talks about forgiveness in business as one of the critical steps of powerful authentic leadership.

Want to advance your business or career?

Today’s tip: forgive fast.