By Sheila Unique, Energetic Coach

Smokey the Bear says, ‘only you can prevent wildfires!’ Do you remember those commercials when summer approaches and the national parks encourage people to be responsible when it comes to campfires?  Wildfires don’t only happen in the forests.

Think about the last time you celebrated some great news with a colleague. Maybe they got a promotion or maybe they ventured out on their own, now becoming self employed.  The ‘spark’ of the news opened the door for celebration.  As you continue to share the news with others, that word of mouth sharing adds ‘fuel’ to the fire, giving wonderful energy and support to the colleague as they transition into the next phase of their life. Now a wildfire has been set in motion giving great energy of support.  What you give energy to expands.

Now think about sitting around the board room table waiting for all the attendees to show up for your meeting.  Someone starts to talk about the financial crisis going on in the world.  They share how it could affect your company and that something needs to be done about it.  Soon there are 3 or 4 people fuelling that conversation and the wildfire takes over.  The spark of energy has been set in motion and the fuel continues to keep that crisis alive.  Energetically speaking, if the conversation turns into a downward spiral where the energy of the group becomes negative and heavy so to speak, there is a wildfire that can become out of control.  The energy that surrounds conversations determines the direction of how the group will feel when they leave that boardroom.  What you give energy to expands.

There will always be sparks in your life, those moments of sharing good or bad news.  There will always be opportunities to add fuel to those sparks. The opportunities will present themselves giving you a chance to say something in response to what has been shared. Does there have to be a wildfire where we call in Smokey the Bear to put the fire out, or can we be responsible to know when to let the spark burn itself out?  There is a difference between ignoring what is shared and knowing when to let the
conversation naturally come to a close.  Wildfires don’t only happen in forests and not all wildfires are bad. How much fuel or energy you give to a conversation makes all the difference in the size of a fire.  How will you know?

-Sheila Unique, Master Energetic Intuitive

Sheila Unique, Energetic Coach
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